Our Mission

To Provide a Warm and Welcoming Space for the Nourishment of Mind, Body, and Soul

We believe that heated yoga has the power to open, heal and transform the body and that the effects of this transformation ripple out into all areas of life.  We seek to provide a warm & welcoming space for the nourishment of mind, body and spirit allowing individuals a safe space to explore and grow their practice.  Element aims to cultivate and support an inclusive & collaborative yoga community where teachers and students feel connected and supported in their growth.   We are so happy you’ve decided be a part of this journey.

Our 60 and 70 minutes classes are designed to build greater strength, flexibility and peace of mind.  It's no wonder why back pain, headaches, stiff joints and inflammation are so common.  We spend so much time on devices, in cars and engaged in the "doing".  We store the energy of our entire day in our bodies and it adds up on a daily basis.  This stored stress can manifest in many ways altering health & well being.  Yoga provides an excellent opportunity to release stored tension, providing tools for coping in healthier ways.  Breath awareness coupled with movement is a skill that can provide  comfort & ease in your body; on and off the mat.  It begins as a practice and can lead to a lifestyle.


Where the Magic Happens

Step into Element Hot Yoga and discover a beautiful 1000 sq. ft. heated practice room with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows for natural light.  The sunrise in the room during 6am classes is as delightful as the evening setting sun.  The space  truly lends itself to landing in your body and coming home to your breath. 

We encourage students to own the space on their mats and honor their inner teacher as they move as a community. Our environment and classes are free of militant attitudes and repetitive routines.  Whether you need more rest or movement, we encourage paying attention to breath and cultivating a practice of self care.  Please let the teacher know prior to class of any injuries or special needs.  Our teachers are always available after class for any feedback or questions you might have.  We are here to help you feel better in your body.

Air quality and comfort were the building blocks for creating a "goldilocks" heated practice space that creates the most cleansing sweat.  Our infrared heat balanced with mid level humidity and continuous fresh air supply keeps our indoor air quality high & just right for preparing the body for fluid movement.  The warm floors are delightful as you enter the space.

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Element was voted a top studio in Wake County in 2018 by Indy Week. We care about our community and they care about us too!